How Gamification Can Help Increase Sales

How Gamification Can Help Increase SalesWhen you think about the cost to replace an employee, attract a new employee, as well as how an employee engages your customers, it's not that surprising that recent research by Gallup shows that companies that focus on engaging their employees and customers have outperformed their competitors by 26% in gross margin and 85% in sales growth. Their customers buy more, spend more, return more often, and they stay longer.

The world's top-performing organizations understand that employee engagement is a force that drives performance outcomes. In the best organizations, engagement is more than a human resources initiative -- it is a strategic foundation for the way they do business. Employee engagement is a strategic approach supported by tactics for driving improvement and organizational change. The best performing companies know that developing an employee engagement strategy and linking it to the achievement of corporate goals will help them win in the marketplace.

So, if so many companies understand why it's important to have an engaged workforce, why do so many companies not do more? Employee engagement is more than just a bunch of dashboards and analytics reports. Employee engagement is about asking the right questions. Engaging employees requires a year-round focus on changing behaviors, processes, and systems to anticipate and respond to your employees needs.

Understanding why we here at SkedX took a closer at our online employee scheduling and how we could help our clients drive engagement and make their company a fun place to work. This lead us incorporate social media components like gamification into the solution. When you consider that 70% of Canadians say they use social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or MySpace, it is easy to understand how integrating these elements into the workplace can have significant results on the bottom line.

Gamification isn't just about making work fun. It's more about understanding human nature and strategy, not frivolity. Gaming already exists in work settings. The acts of competition and cooperation are inherent in most work environments. Often sales teams will establish rewards for hitting targets, or operations teams will set goals for team performance. It's those aspects that we here at SkedX are bringing to the online scheduling world. Our new release allows companies to drive employee engagement and ideal behaviors through gamificiation.

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