How Software Can Improve Idea Sharing of Internal Processes

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Today I wanted to share with you all how software can foster greater idea sharing about internal processes of your organization. Having a social media profile has become a standard among society, and it is gradually becoming the norm to have it a part of your work network as well.  If you are a regular reader here at the SkedCast you know that engagement, social media, and how those two combined to create a online portal is a favourite topic of ours. I want to share with you all how a couple companies are implementing workforce management software and social media to create an engagement solution that generates increased brainstorming among employees.

North Shore Pediatric Therapy, a clinic with 45 employees in three locations successfully implemented an online portal/network that promoted internal collaboration. They introduced an online tool to make it easier and more accessible for front line employees to share their ideas. Ideas ranged from increasing efficiency, quality and client satisfaction directly related to process teams, and how employees can create and continue a self-sustaining cycle of improvement. The teams then take their suggestions and turn them into online projects, aiming to resolve issues. The software was implemented in January 2010 and the teams have completed a combined 46 process projects, 82 smaller improvement assignments, and resolved 63 issues reported by front line employees. By focusing on and engaging the front line, revenue has seen an increase in 15%  and costs reduced by 15% as well .  As CEO Dr. David Michael puts it, "the greatest benefit has been the creation of an innovative, client-focused, and employee-driven company."

Another company that has also successfully implemented software to increase engagement and idea generation among employees is Chevron. The oil company uses a software application to create and maintain a library of standard work procedures. It is has been published that across the entire organization policies were dispersed to increase internal awareness. In other departments of the organization, the company focuses more on process improvement by introducing a management solution to improve what problems employees communicate on a day-to-day basis.

Software and modern mobile technologies are a great way to make information more accessible to employees, as well as promote internally what the organization is truly about, objectives for the month/year, and where the organizations stands internally in terms of success. We can see that software was a successful implementation in both organizations and those employees seek it as an information tool that helps them to complete tasks to the best of their ability. HR and retail managers should consider how to implement software in the workplace to see bottom line success, the year's hot topics have been engagement and building a rich culture, so shouldn't you be focusing on that as well?

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