Improving Internal Communication To Improve Employee Engagement

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For today's post I wanted to discuss with you all the importance of workplace communication and how that effects employee engagement.

Back in January a company called Alcatel-Lucent conducted two global studies researching how communications technology is being utilized by organizations to improve performance.

For the first study, nearly 2,000 employees at medium-large sized organizations in 51 countries provided their thoughts about productivity, communication technology and employee engagement.

For the second study, upwards of 750 IT executives provided insight about implementation and support challenges.

What the study found by cross-referencing both results was:

Employee results:

1. Communication is very important, but ensuring its effectiveness is difficult: 93% of the surveyed employees said collaborating and communicating with others is very essential to doing their jobs effectively. Also close to half of those employees surveyed believe that other communication lines are integrated poorly.

2. With technology, engagement and productivity increases but greater deployment is necessary. Modern communication technologies are a positive addition to increasing engagement and productivity, this is believed by 74% of the surveyed employees. The surveyed employees also noted unified communications or "portals" and smartphones are particularly useful.

Also 32% of surveyed employees felt they had access to the technology tools required to do their job successfully.

What IT Executives said:

“IT organizations are demonstrating a strong desire to enable these for users, however doing so will require the establishment of converged networks that can seamlessly integrate multiple devices and multiple media, for conversations between multiple parties. Proven technologies are available to improve collaboration, but many IT organizations consider themselves constrained by legacy infrastructure investments and the demands of managing increasingly complex information systems,” Alcatel-Lucent noted.

From the above we can learn that employees demand and see a positive fit for communication technologies, and that it is useful for them to achieve their greatest work possible. On the flip side IT executives feel this is achievable and that media across multiple platforms that is tethered is good, but network structures and complex information systems leave them constrained.

So what are you the reader to do? How can you utilize technology for new communication lines that are unified?

Your solution is...SkedX!

At SkedX we are dedicated to building an engagement portal customized to your organization and one that matches your culture. SkedX utilizes cloud technology so it is accessible from any device with internet access, without downloading software. This means you can access it from your mobile devices, smartphones, laptops, and any other technological devices. This creates a new communication line as all internal notifications can be pushed to your mobile device, and with the internal wall you can see what employees are talking about and join in as well.

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