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Your staff schedule is a natural gathering point for your employees. It’s always a topic of discussion and a highly engaging aspect of your workplace. So why not harness the power of scheduling to create a more engaged workforce?

SkedX understand the central role of scheduling in your employee culture and helps create a sense of community in your workplace by offering a variety of engaging features that are designed to increase employee engagement and communication.



Points are the base of the SkedX system, they are associated with every aspect of our software. The great thing about using points associated with specific tasks, is that they are easy to understand by everyone. Everyone know that you get points for doing things right, and you lose the opportunity of gaining more points by not participating in more activities. Employees know that they are on the right track when growing quickly.

Badges and Awards

Think of these as a pat on the back or a high-five for a job well done. We give employees badges and awards for either doing something good or achieving a milestone. Why wait until an anniversary to recognize your staff, with SkedX you can do it every day.

Winning at the game of business

We know what most people think about gaming in work, and trust us, we heard all the excuses for not having fun work environments. But let us tell you, it has been proven that correctly executed "games" in the workplace leads to higher employee engagement which leads to bottom line profits. In a recent study by Gallup, businesses that focus on employee engagement outperform their competitors by 26% in gross margin and 85% in sales. Better yet, in that same study, top decile companies have 3.9x the Earnings Per Share growth rate over those who do not have effective employee engagement programs. You asked for the business case, you just got it!

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